Flash WebDesignHQ IntroBuilder-SX

Flash WebDesignHQ IntroBuilder-SX 3.0

Create powerful multimedia presentations for the web or CDs

IntroBuilder-SX is a user-friendly Windows desktop application which gives you the power to create your own stunning multimedia website introductions. Customize the Title, Slogan, Meta Keywords, Redirect URL and up to 10 scenes. Add your own image or flash movie to each scene, background, and import your own MP3 file for background music. Create presentations for the web or for interactive CDs.

WebDesignHQ brings the power of Flash to the masses through build-it-yourself multimedia applications. By implementing the latest in animation, audio, graphic effects and breakthrough templated technology, anyone with access to a computer can quickly and inexpensively build a multi-media flash presentation. Our software applications are very userfriendly and provide unlimited customization and editing of your projects with no programming or Flash knowledge.

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Flash WebDesignHQ IntroBuilder-SX


Flash WebDesignHQ IntroBuilder-SX 3.0

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    The Great Rip Off.
    This software may be wonderful but I have never had the chance to find out. After trying the ...   More